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We provide private meet ups with Mermaids and Pirates! These private encounters are not shared with others and will be specifically tailored toward you/your little(s).We also offer birthday parties, event meet ups and more depending on what you are looking for!

Located in Panama City Beach, Florida: we DEFAULT **host** our Greets at St. Andrew's State Park by default. You can request Ponce De Leon St. Park or Morrison Springs.

 If you've a pool, or request we travel to a specific location or venue - we can do that as well!

ALL ENCOUNTERS MUST BE BOOKED A MINIMUM OF 3 DAYS OUT FROM THE SELECTED DATE. Anything booked the date before will be subject to a Last Minute Booking Fee. 

We do not accept same day bookings.



Starting at 75$

Be amazed as you wander the beach before discovering mermaids in their natural habitat! They'll swim up to you and regale their adventures before gifting you a special surprise!
These come in:
15min. 30min. 1 hour
15min - includes no add-ons and typically has 1 mermaid in their fabric tails.
30min - includes mermaid giftbags per guppy involved and typically has 1 to 2 mermaids in their fabric tails.
1 hour - includes mermaid giftbags per guppy involved, mermaid makeovers that entail: Mermaid Glitter, Waterproof Eyeshadow, Waterproof Highlighter, Waterproof Facial Flash, Tattoo, Waterproof Mermaid Tattoos, Waterproof Blush, Mermaid Hair Glitter and Shell Lipgloss. It also includes mermaid crafts, shell hunting (if applicable) and 2 Mermaids in their highest quality silicone mermaid tails.



Starting at 200$

Be blown away by our swashbuckling pirates as they greet you and lead you on a vast treasure hunt across the sandy shores. They'll regale tales of their times sailing. Upon completing the treasure hunt, you'll be gifted your own treasure chest!
These come in:
30min 1 hour
Increments and includes 2 pirates!It includes a treasure hunt, leading the scavenge across the sands of St Andrews, discovering another pirate who will then provide Pirate activities such as a water gun fight to determine the new captain, a map to guide the Swashbuckler to their treasure where they'll dig it up and show off their gold!They then will be transformed into a pirate with a pirate makeover which includes Waterproof pirate tattoos, pirate jewelry and a pirate bandana.Then finish it off with a picture to commemorate the moment.



Starting at 400$

Are you interested in booking mermaids or pirates for your special event? A grand opening, party, or any other special day? Yes we can absolutely do that for you!
This 400$ covers 1 hour of mermaid/pirate work which includes mermaid makeovers that entails: Mermaid Glitter, Waterproof Eyeshadow, Waterproof Highlighter, Waterproof Facial Flash Tattoo, Waterproof Mermaid Tattoos, Waterproof Blush, Mermaid Hair Glitter, Shell Lipgloss.The Pirates will provide short treasure hunts, magic tricks, pirate treasures and pirate lore!
It is a additional 100/hr for this package



Starting at $300

Kalypso has the ability to control cyclones which means mermaids (or pirates) can be swept up and debut at your pool party!
This package comes in 
1 hour increments
 and includes a mermaid gift bag and mermaid makeover which entails Mermaid Glitter, Waterproof Eyeshadow , Waterproof Highlighter, Waterproof, Facial Flash Tattoo, Waterproof Mermaid Tattoos, Waterproof Blush, Mermaid Hair Glitter, and Shell Lip gloss for 1 special guppy and 50$ per additional guppy involved.This includes 2 mermaids in their highest quality silicone tails.



Starting at 250$

These ARE mermaids and sirens after all! They're freedive trained to be able to swim at depth for extended periods of time. They'd love to grace your tank or aquariuam, and look mermazing doing it too!
This includes 2 mermaids in their highest quality silicone mermaid tails.



Starting at 500$

Tetra and Bridgette are looking for a new spot! Perhaps you'd like them at your home? Ship? Resort? Whatever the choice they're there and bringing havoc with them!This includes 2 pirates, treasure hunts, gems, jewels and other fintastic treasure these pirates would hand out in excess along with pirates lore and magic tricks.
This comes in:
2 hour
Increments and is 150$ per additional hour.



Starting at 300$

Looking for something unique? Have some light up Sirens that glow in the dark. 
This comes in:
1 hour Increments
And includes 2 mermaids in their LED glow in the dark tails.It is 200$ per additional hour capped at 3 hours.



Starting at $175

Who said this was just for kiddies?You can book out seductive Sirens for your adult themed pool parties as living decor or entertainment to wow the guests. 
WARNING:This option is 18+ ONLY. These sirens are very sassy and sarcastic. They also may bite.
This comes in:
30 min 1 hour
Increments and includes up to 2 sassy sirens that may be booked for all sorts of 18+ parties. Their tails are also UV and Blacklight reactive!
It is 100$ per additional hour with this succusirens.



Starting at 400$

Pirates and mermaids!? Oh my! You've booked for a pirate and a mermaid to wow you with their tales of the seas, treasures and how they came to know each other! Upon completion of this encounter you'll receive treasure!
This comes in:
1 hour incrementsAnd this package covers 2 kids with a additional 50$ per extra guppy involved.
It includes mermaid and pirate gift bags and mermaid makeovers that entail: Mermaid Glitter, Waterproof Eyeshadow, Waterproof Highlighter, Waterproof Facial Flash Tattoo, Waterproof Mermaid Tattoos, Waterproof Blush, Mermaid Hair Glitter, Shell Lipgloss. As well as a pirate parlor which includes waterproof pirate tattoos and a fintastic treasure hunt leading you to the mermaid.



Starting at 2500$

Aequoreal Spell Productions has partnered with Siren Tails to bring you our  𝓜𝓮𝓼𝓶𝓮𝓻𝓲𝔃𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓶𝓪𝓲𝓭 𝓓𝓲𝓼𝓹𝓵𝓪𝔂 which brings the mermaids to YOU!You can chose from our Mesmerizing Mermaids or our Sultry Sirens!
This is a hefty price tag but will abshelloutely wow the masses with something unique!Email us to discuss a reduced rate for mutiple days!

Want to plan a fun outing? Aequoreal Spell Productions has the keys to your magical and treasure filled day. Ready to book!?Send us a email, click the chat button, fill out a form or reach out to us on our Facebook Page where we have 60+ 5 Star reviews!

Our mermaids are:
Dedicated to realism ✔️
CPR Certified ✔️
Educated in Chronic and Physical Illness and Disabilities ✔️
Insured ✔️
Freedive Certified ✔️
High Quality! ✔️
Make-A-Wish endorsed ✔️ 

What Do You Offer?: What Do You Offer?
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