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Our Story

Well we're Aequoreal Spell Productions, a Arts and Entertainment company that hires out the best pirates, mermaids, sirens and faeries to meet with, regale fishtacular tales, and create new memories with any age range!
What makes us different?

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the magic is real for you and your little ones. We spend hours on character development, costuming, perfecting realism, customizing each encounter for the Little ones and ensuring they're apart of the magic themselves. Our staffs are put through tedious workshops, certifications and acting exercises for the believability aspect.
They never break character and can answer any questions on the spot due to their guaranteed improvisation skills.They learn first aid medical care, CPR, Stop The Bleeding courses, educated on disabilities, chronic illnesses and mental illnesses.
They spend 8 hours a week perfecting their swim echniques, building their grace underwater and performing elegantly.Our pirates are put through weekly physical exercise to lift and carry when possible. They are well versed on pirate garb, pirate history and funny facts to share. 

Our mermaids have been to Singapore, China, Japan, Germany as well as the southern United States to share their magic. Though they are headquartered out of Panama City Beach! We abshelloutely reccomend you reach out to book a special encounter!

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