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Aequoreal Spell Productions is a small owned business founded in Panama City Beach, Florida. From here on, "Us" and "We" refers to Aequoreal Spell Productions. All Gigs with Us that require travel, the hosting party must provide parking (including paid) and are responsible for any tow fees and storage fees for ASP's vehicle(s) should they occur. The hosting party must also pay travel fees.

We reserve the right to cancel a booking due to illness, weather, or conflict of schedule. Up to 3 (three) cancellations are allowed before a refund is issued sans the deposit. All deposits are non-refundable. Clients have the right to cancel and reschedule due to illness, weather or conflict up to (3) three times before receiving a credit for the encounter/makeover.

Directions are given to the client to ensure the mermaid/pirate encounter progresses smoothly; if the client disregards or ignores the directions given, a 15$ to 30$ fee will be applied.

Please value communication and the directions given to avoid this fee.

If a client is more than 15min late to a Encounter, they forfeit the Encounter and are subject to a rescheduling fee. If a client cancels the Encounter the same day, they lose the Encounter cost. Cast members have the right to cancel mid gig due to harassment, inappropriate behavior, disrespect or unsafe situations.

Parents are to ensure accompanying children are able to swim unassisted or have a proper flotation device if entering the water with the mermaids as We are not held liable upon any unfortunate circumstances. We are not lifeguards but we love your little ones and want them safe. Please keep a watchful eye over your little ones, as cast members are confined within prosthetics that take many minutes to enter and exit. 

We ask parents to keep the magic alive and avoid asking cast members where they purchased their gear, ruining magic or disrupting the encounter with questions pertaining to cast pay, gear, job longevity and other magic disrupting questions. Cast members will cancel mid gig after 3 offenses.

We ask all that guardians and littles leave the area after the encounter as concluded. This is due to other encounters being scheduled directly after yours and to ensure no magic is ruined. If the guardians decide not to leave the area once their Encounter concludes, we are not held responsible for littles seeing the performers out of gear. The performers will **NOT**engage with the littles once out of gear. Please protect the magic.

All clients will be sent a receipt upon payment rendered. Please ensure all requested additions are present on your receipt. Additions (30+ min, makeovers, gift bags, ect) will be present on your receipt for proof of payment.

Guppies 2 and under will not receive giftbags or makeovers.


All previous information applies as well as:
The cast and crew will show up 45min to 1 hour prior to scheduled time to survey the area, set-up and prepare for their booked slot. 

A agent of the Event must meet with and confirm the arrival of the cast and crew. If a client cancels the Event the same day, they lose the Encounter cost (unless discussed otherwise). If a client cancels the Event same day and requests to reschedule they must pay a rescheduling fee unless discussed otherwise with the owner. Cast members have the right to cancel mid gig due to harassment, inappropriate behavior, disrespect or unsafe situations.


All previous information applies as well as:
The Hosting party must provide a grounded, and easily accessible electricity and a water source for the Tank Insurers. The hosting party must also allow 24 hour access to the site for the Tank Insurers as setup takes 12 -24 hours before the gig and 12 -24 hours breakdown after the gig date. This requires a minimum of 3 days to for a Tank gig on average.

Please provide all requested accommodations pre-discussed. If requested accommodations are not provided at the time of the cast and crew's arrival- they will not execute services until accommodations are provided as required. Time will not be made up for the time lost.

Please refrain from questioning the cast and crew in regards to operations, pay, pricing, and other business sensitive details. All business questions must be directed to the Owner or Scheduler. Cast members will cancel mid gig after 3 offenses.

Upon the completion of the Event, please confirm this completion with the cast and crew before their departure.

Terms and Conditions : Terms and Conditions
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